Thursday, October 16, 2008

My 8's

I got tagged for the first time ever!!!

So, here are my eights. (Which I think is really funny that this eight thing only has 7 categories.)

8 Favorite TV Shows:
1- Dharma and Greg (although I don't think this is aired anymore)
2- King of Queens
3- Everybody Loves Raymond
4- House
5- I Love Lucy
(I'm out of shows now, so I'll move to my kids' favorites)
6- Word Girl
7- Arthur
8- Word World

8 Favorite Restaurants:
1- Macaroni Grill
2- Zupas
3- The Roof
4- The Garden
5- Souper Salad (No, I didn't spell that wrong it's a soup and salad place)
6- The Training Table
7- Sizzlers
8- Corenas (Which is a wonderful little place in Lehi that just disappeared one day, and that's so sad cause it was a great little Mexican place.)

8 Things That Happened Yesterday:
1- Took Ashley to school and Eden to preschool. (I also picked them up!)
2- Got flu shots for Amanda, Eden and myself (Ashley will be going tomorrow).
3- Cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned some more.
4- Went to JoAnn's to buy something that I'll be blogging about tomorrow.
5- Went to Shopko for pillows and chair cushins.
6- Had our first showing in 3 weeks!!!
7- Returned the chair cushions (they were too small).
8- Watched "Incredibles" and ate dinner on the floor on a blanket, made the thing I'm going to be blogging about, and then had a video chat with my amazingly wonderful husband.

8 Things to Look Forward to:
1- Sell our house.
2- Being together as a family again and in a new house!
3- A wonderful life with my husband.
4- Healthy Happy Kids.
5- Our trip to Hawaii in February!!
6- Halloween, Thanksgiving, My birthday and Christmas!
7- Being able to paint and decorate said new house however I want.
8- Long hair (I chopped it off really short last February and donated it to Locks of Love and I can't wait to have long hair again)

8 Things I Love About Fall:
1- The beautiful colors.
2- Using our fireplace.
3- The smell of the wood burning in our fireplace.
4- Jumping in the leaves. (courteousy of Ashley)
5- Halloween!
6- Christmas is getting closer.
7- Getting out my fall/winter wardrobe.
8- Watching the ducks, geese and other birds fly South.

8 Things On My Wishlist:
1- Lose 20 or so pounds.
2- Sell our house.
3- A few extra hours in a day/or to never have to sleep.
4- Happy childern who are strong in the gospel.
5- A self cleaning house.
6- Lasik surgery.
7- Differnt pieces of furniture.
8- Learn to play the violin.

8 Friends I Tag:
1- Well, just about everyone I know who blogs has been tagged. I don't know if Debbie was tagged, so I'll tag her.
2- Anyone else who wants to who hasn't been tagged.


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